In a business, it is important to know the needs of the customer. In the same way, equal importance should be given to the employees in an organization. Employees are the real assets of an organization. Without employees, the possibility of attaining success almost negligible in an organization. An organization itself is a place where people of various disputes come together and work for the development of the organization. Under such conditions, it is important to take good care of the employees by the employers. It is not possible to know about every individual employee in an organization. But proper care should be taken in maintaining the safety and security of every employee. As for how every customer is important for a business, similarly, every employee is important for an organization. Here, in the first section, a few responsibilities of the employer towards his employee are discussed and vice-versa in the later section.

Health and Safety Measures

The primary responsibility of an employer is to ensure safety and a healthy working atmosphere. The workplace of the employees should be free from various disease-causing chemicals, construction sites, and many such things. A proper first aid facility can be made easily accessible to the employees in case of any emergencies. Every employee should be trained to use the devices that can be used in case of any unexpected situations. For example, every employee should be trained to use the fire extinguisher, as it will help them to protect themselves and the company documents in case of unexpected fire incidents. It is done for the safety of the employees. Fire exits should be there in an organization. The organization must ensure the welfare of its employees. There should be at least one or two recruited employees who are capable of handling emergencies and helps by providing first aid to the affected person.

Usage of Safe Machines and Equipment

In the production firm, there will be lots of machines and equipment that are used for the manufacturing process. Those machines should be easily used by the employees and if there is any problem with the machine, it has to be replaced as soon as possible. It is advised to the employees not to use the machine with malfunction to do the work. All the machines should be in proper working condition and they can be changed or repaired quickly upon the information given by the employee. Precautions should be taken to manage the explosives and flammable substances. The employer should maintain a proper insurance policy and other health policies that will help the employee in case of unexpected situations. It is always better to maintain the medical record of an employee. It is mandatory to record the situations in which an employee sought medical assistance in office circumstances. It will help the organization to understand the employee’s health condition whenever he needs medical assistance in the future. It is the responsibility of an employer to ensure a safe workplace for his employees.

Relationship between Employer and Employee in an organization

Nothing can be achieved if an organization lacks skilled employees. Having skilled employees is not enough but making them work according to the organization’s needs is important. Active participation by the employees leads the organization towards the path of success. When an employer made their employees realize their part in the organization, it will boost them up when they get to know that their role in the organization will never be replaced by someone else. It will bring pride in the employees’ mind and he will take the responsibility and makes sure he finishes his work on time. An organization should work on an employee-centric basis. When more importance and attention is given to the employees they will develop an emotional connection with the organization. They will work hard and remain loyal to their employers and they will be highly productive in their work. The employer should praise the worker for their hard work and if their hard work brought success to the organization, then those employees should be appreciated and they can be given recognition along with bonuses for their work. It increases the bond between the employer and employee in an organization thus resulting in the creation of a healthy working environment.

Role of Employees in an organization

Employees play a crucial role in an organization. The growth of an organization lies in the hands of every employee. When the employees work together for the growth of the firm, then it is easier to reach heights. In an organization, the employees should always come up with creative and innovative ideas to boost the company’s progress. Every employer will make the employees know about the company’s goal. When the employees are made to understand the goal of the company, they must work more in attaining the goal of their company. Their company’s goal should become the goal of their own. Every employee should work hand in hand with their colleagues without any disputes to achieve the company’s goal. The employee should keep themselves updated to the current needs of their customers. They should attend the training conducted by the organization without fail. It will help them to know about the recent techniques and methods of using various equipment that is new to the market. When they are familiarized with those machines, then it will help them to work effectively with new equipment.
To move an organization in the direction of growth, the employer and employee should be in a friendly relationship. The superiority of the employer will not be effective for more days. When the employer constantly shows a superior attitude among the employees, they will lack the feel of working for their company’s goal. It will result in a lack of involvement among the workers. They will do their work for their namesake and their productivity will also be affected. To achieve remarkable success in an organization, the employer and employee should be in a healthy relationship. As already said only a healthy bond between the employer and employee will result in a healthy working atmosphere. It also increases the productivity of an organization.

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