Origin of Business:

The origin of business was from small enterprises to big enterprises. Generally, the person who does business is called an entrepreneur. Business is from small business to big business. Now a day’s people prefer doing their own business rather than going to a firm to earn. There is an advantage of doing business rather than going to a company. While starting a business we should have certain plans to execute and a small amount to initiate a business.

Why can’t I boss myself?

The meaning of the word business was not occupation or trade before. I came to know this recently. I always hated my work. I ended up in my profession just because my family was conventional and strict. Getting up day after day, finishing the household chores, and running to work always made me sick. I had no options. I felt like being inside a prison where I am provided with the key but something made me stop from opening it. I was not coercing myself to get the courage to start up. People told me to love my profession but I started hating it every atom by atom and every electron by electron.

I always had the fear of failure. But I had a hope that one day it may change and I will start a business of my own. The only thing which made me stay back was the risk. I wanted to be comfortable and my eye was only on profit not on passion. But as Covid-19 struck everyone I understood no job is safe, then why not take the risk. It’s an all one life we have and why can’t I boss myself.

Why do people think about an additional hustle? Maybe at one point, they started realizing that they can do better by themselves. Otherwise, they would have found an innovative way. People may say, never take risks by leaving your job. Never take the risk of doing your side hustle during your potential working time. But if you are blessed with free time after a job, then why not give it a try?

Sabotaging yourself and squeezing to fit in will not work. Do not select a business that needs more time. Time management is a — if you handle business and job together. Now about the fair sex, boundaries are more.

Where and when to start?

The answer is with you. You take and make the decision. It’s the first step that matters. You can make excuses all day — got no time, exhausted, not enough funds — but it’s not you alone, millions do side gigs. They have problems, it’s not a cakewalk, too. But they’re gaining grounds.

If you are skilled and if it fits your lifestyle. The first question you need to ask yourself is how much time you can productively contribute.

• What do you expect from the business?

• What skills do you possess? What is your product choice?

• What sort of investment do you prefer?

• Who is your target?

If you got a clear plan on this draft a blueprint. Now you have a goal. The next thing you need to do is launch it. Now how to launch it is the question? Before you launch your business, you should plan for how to structure for the growth of your business, how to run properly and how to make it a successful business at short time. There are lots of opportunity to make promote your business on the internet. Use a suitable opportunity to develop your business and make it successful in a smart way of ideas.

Kinds of Business:

There are different kinds of business starting from small too big. Business can just be called as profit entities. Yes, people prefer to apply their own ideas to initiate a business and get profit through it. It can engage commercial, industrial or some professional activities. Some can start a business for some charitable purposes also they can share their profits to the trust purposes.

Types of companies involved:

Totally there are three types of companies. They are private, public and own company run by one person. Private companies are those who run private organization which are not involved for public purposes. Public companies are those run for charity. The first and foremost thing to start a business is to have an idea and need to have a plan for investment, share and profit-based move. We can take the idea of an experienced people to enlarge business. Now a day’s online business has become trendy even ladies who are in home started to do online business. In online they started to sell costumes, home accessories. We people tend to buy things from online rather than going to shop in this pandemic situation.

Online shopping:

We, people, feel comfortable purchasing things from home instead of going out to purchase. We have different types of business based on our interest to initiate and process step by step to get succeeded. Online business is easy to start and work from our own place. This has created a platform for many women who are unable to go out. In ancient times to start a business people has to follow many steps but now it has become easy to start. There is another advantage of online business is that no place is needed for doing online business. People are starting their business on their own or by partners. In partnership, they start by investing together and the profit can be shared among the partners. It gives self-confidence to oneself. We can give job opportunities to many people rather than being a worker in a firm. There is general talk that and graduate only can start a business who has completed MBA it’s not about that whoever has an idea to initiate about that can start and run a company. We should be very careful about each and every step we take in running a firm. It can be either a production or a non-profit organization. We can work in our own time instead of the scheduled time. Mandatorily a partner should be loyal to each other.

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