People blog for hundreds of reasons. Maybe you want to keep a detailed account of the best parts of your week or discuss the movies you’ve been watching and thinking about lately, anything can go down in your blog. What you might not have considered is how this can help you in your career!

While blogging is a fun pastime for many and a job in itself for many more, I can recommend that everyone start a blog about something they love. We live in a time where it is unbelievably easy to get yourself a free space to blog with your own domain name, so give it a try! In the meantime, I will show you how this can help you impress future employers.

A Rounded Character

Something which not enough people are aware of is how much employers look into potential employees’ personality before deciding who to hire. When you get to the bottom of it, employers are looking for not only someone who can do the job, but someone who they feel they can enjoy working with.

Including your hobbies and non-work related skills in your resume can give a decent idea of who you are, but from personal experience in hiring staff, this is never enough. This is one reason why interviews are not always focused on the job, as it can be hard to determine who someone is and what they will be like to work with.

Blog it up!

While it might seem silly, having a blog can really help to round out your character. Even if your employer doesn’t read the whole blog, the subject of it and simply the fact you are maintaining it can help give an idea of who you are and what you like, far more efficiently than someone looking you up on Facebook.

Blogging about your daily life or one of your specific interests is a great idea for something to hand out to potential employers. Just make sure you keep it regularly updated and as interesting as possible and you should get a leg up before interviews even start!


Perhaps a more obvious use of a blog is to show your interest and expertise in a particular subject. Say you want to join a video games company, having a blog reviewing your favourite game of the week or discussing issues in the industry can show employers that you have genuine interest in the field as well as displaying some of your knowledge in an easily digestible form.

Success Leads to Success

You can get even more brownie points if you can build up a relatively successful blog. Even having a few thousand unique visitors a month can put you above other candidates as it shows that your content is interesting or thoughtful enough to attract a lot of people to give it a go and implies that people are coming back regularly to read your thoughts.

A Sea of Blogs

This can be difficult in the modern age as there are millions of blogs out there about every subject under the sun, but it isn’t at all impossible! One of the best tips anyone can give you here is to make sure you pre-write your posts and have them uploaded on a schedule, so that anyone reading knows exactly when they can come back for more.

Spreading your blog around related interest groups and forums can help create a bit of a buzz, along with keeping articles to current trends and ideas. If this isn’t proving successful for you, there is also the option of using a blogger outreach service from clickrank, which will kickstart some popularity and help you build up readership.

A Well-Rounded Blogger

A much more tame way this can help you in your future career is simply showing how dedicated you are to your professional life. Even if your blog isn’t about some industry-specific subject, the fact that you are maintaining a regular blog can really help show the type of worker you are.

Showcase Yourself

As long as you keep everything to a quality and schedule that you are happy with, this is a very easy way to display to any potential employers a variety of additional skills that can look false on a piece of paper.

This includes your willingness to document things in your own time, a display of your ability to set and meet your own deadlines and your writing style and personality – all of which point to a healthy, well-rounded individual who could be a pleasure to work with.

Make sure not to dedicate all of your free time to this, remember to keep developing yourself in various, career specific skills in your free time. A blog can help you get a job, but you need your relevant skills at their sharpest to help guarantee it!

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