Owning a small business can be incredibly difficult. More than fifty percent of small businesses fail within their first year, and if you want to break the statistic, you may be looking for ways to make your small business a success.

If you are a small business owner it is likely that you have set your business up online. This is because renting commercial space can be extremely expensive and can take a large chunk out of your profits. Setting up online gets rid of a lot of outgoing costs and makes operating a business much easier. However, owning a website requires you to put a lot more work into promoting your business. The best way that you can promote your online business is by opening up a social media account. Now, owning a business account is not the same as owning a personal account, and there is a lot that you need to know. Here is an easy guide to social media for small businesses.

Decide How Many Accounts to Make

With so many social media options available, you may be tempted to make an account on every platform. This is a great idea if you have a team dedicated to managing your social media, but as a small business, this is most likely not the case. Having a lot of social media to manage just means a lot of work for yourself. It is recommended that you start off with an account on two platforms, as this will be a lot easier to manage.

If you were to have quite a lot of social media accounts, then it is likely that some of your pages will become more inactive than others. If a customer was to look up your company and then come across one of your inactive social media accounts, then they believe that your company is no longer operating, which is not the best way to make profits.

Increase Your Followers

Arguably one of the most difficult parts of trying to run a successful social media page for your business is getting a following. Without followers, you are advertising to essentially nobody, which will not increase the growth of your business.

There are many ways that you can increase the number of followers that your page has and one of the most popular methods is buying followers. There used to be a stigma when it came to buying page followers, but this is no longer the case. In the current business climate, it is unusual to find a business that doesn’t Instagram Follower kaufen. People do not buy followers to make it appear like they have more customers than they do, which many people believe to be the case. Businesses instead buy followers to increase where they appear in social media search engines. With millions of social media accounts being made every year, it can be easy to become lost among the crowd, so increasing your search engine position can help with this.

Engage With Your Followers

A common mistake that a lot of small business owners make is not taking advantage of the engagement that comes with a social media account. In the past, if a customer had an enquiry about a product or service, they would have to call or email. Now all that they have to do is leave a comment or send you a message. By taking the time to reply to your comments and read your messages, you will be able to speak directly to your customers and deal with any problems that they may be having.

A customer always remembers when they have received good customer service and they are likely to come back to you if you reply quickly. Engaging with your customers will also benefit your business as it means that you will be able to easily see any feedback that you may receive from customers. When someone isn’t happy with a product or service, they do not go out of their way to hide this fact. Though these negative reviews can be difficult to read, they are actually extremely useful for your business. You can take these negative comments and apply them to the way you operate your company, which may lead to you being much more successful.

Keep Followers Up to Date

When you own a social media account for your business, it is expected that you post at least once a day. This will keep your pages active and also remind your follower base that your business is still running. If your page is constantly active, then you will take up more room on your customer’s main feed, which will mean that they will be more aware of your brand. If you have no company updates, why not posted a related meme or something that will lead to people clicking on your page?

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