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Why the Location of Your Store Matters
Why the Location of Your Store Matters
The Best Consumer Refinancing Loans in Norway

How Your Blogging Experience Can Make You Stand Out to Potential Employers

People blog for hundreds of reasons. Maybe you want to keep a detailed account of the best parts of your week or discuss the movies you’ve been watching and thinking about lately, anything can go down in your blog. What you might not have considered is how this can help you in your career!

While blogging is a fun pastime for many and a job in itself for many more, I can recommend that everyone start a blog about something they love. We live in a time where it is unbelievably easy to get yourself a free space to blog with your own domain name, so give it a try! In the meantime, I will show you how this can help you impress future employers.

A Rounded Character

Something which not enough people are aware of is how much employers look into potential employees’ personality before deciding who to hire. When you get to the bottom of it, employers are looking for not only someone who can do the job, but someone who they feel they can enjoy working with.

Including your hobbies and non-work related skills in your resume can give a decent idea of who you are, but from personal experience in hiring staff, this is never enough. This is one reason why interviews are not always focused on the job, as it can be hard to determine who someone is and what they will be like to work with.

Blog it up!

While it might seem silly, having a blog can really help to round out your character. Even if your employer doesn’t read the whole blog, the subject of it and simply the fact you are maintaining it can help give an idea of who you are and what you like, far more efficiently than someone looking you up on Facebook.

Blogging about your daily life or one of your specific interests is a great idea for something to hand out to potential employers. Just make sure you keep it regularly updated and as interesting as possible and you should get a leg up before interviews even start!


Perhaps a more obvious use of a blog is to show your interest and expertise in a particular subject. Say you want to join a video games company, having a blog reviewing your favourite game of the week or discussing issues in the industry can show employers that you have genuine interest in the field as well as displaying some of your knowledge in an easily digestible form.

Success Leads to Success

You can get even more brownie points if you can build up a relatively successful blog. Even having a few thousand unique visitors a month can put you above other candidates as it shows that your content is interesting or thoughtful enough to attract a lot of people to give it a go and implies that people are coming back regularly to read your thoughts.

A Sea of Blogs

This can be difficult in the modern age as there are millions of blogs out there about every subject under the sun, but it isn’t at all impossible! One of the best tips anyone can give you here is to make sure you pre-write your posts and have them uploaded on a schedule, so that anyone reading knows exactly when they can come back for more.

Spreading your blog around related interest groups and forums can help create a bit of a buzz, along with keeping articles to current trends and ideas. If this isn’t proving successful for you, there is also the option of using a blogger outreach service from clickrank, which will kickstart some popularity and help you build up readership.

A Well-Rounded Blogger

A much more tame way this can help you in your future career is simply showing how dedicated you are to your professional life. Even if your blog isn’t about some industry-specific subject, the fact that you are maintaining a regular blog can really help show the type of worker you are.

Showcase Yourself

As long as you keep everything to a quality and schedule that you are happy with, this is a very easy way to display to any potential employers a variety of additional skills that can look false on a piece of paper.

This includes your willingness to document things in your own time, a display of your ability to set and meet your own deadlines and your writing style and personality – all of which point to a healthy, well-rounded individual who could be a pleasure to work with.

Make sure not to dedicate all of your free time to this, remember to keep developing yourself in various, career specific skills in your free time. A blog can help you get a job, but you need your relevant skills at their sharpest to help guarantee it!

Why the Location of Your Store Matters

Why the Location of Your Store Matters

Whether you’re a long-established local business or a humble new start-up ready to literally set up shop, it can be tough to get by and keep up in this modern and high-paced world. Because of this, it is extremely important that you know the strengths and weaknesses of your location in detail to see what is going well and what can be improved.

Here I am going to show you why your store’s location is so important to success and give a few tips on how to make the best of where you are and help ensure the best profit available!

  • Foot Traffic

Many claim this as not only the most important factor for location, but also as the most important factor contributing to any business’s success. Making sure you store is in an area with the maximum amount of pedestrian traffic will ensure that you cast the widest net for potential customers.

For many establishments, the ideal locations for footfall are often large market streets or malls, but depending on the nature of your business and your target audience, less populated areas can actually be better for sales, attracting those who like to shop in some peace or allowing you to be located closer to your customer base.

  • Tap in to the locals

Knowing your store’s local area can be one of the most important parts of running a store for a lot of local businesses. Being aware of what sort of age groups are most active in an area and what sorts of activities the locals engage in can go a long way to helping you know what to stock and when. No use stocking football merchandise in a neighborhood obsessed with basketball!

Especially for those looking to start a new shop or rebrand their current one, trying to find an untapped niche in the area you are looking to start up can make a huge difference. Maybe there’s a huge board game following in the area or fishermen come through on the way to the local lakes, doing a little research can tell you whether you have a good idea for the right place.

  • The Internet

While not a traditional definition of location, having a customer focused presence on the internet can be the difference between foreclosure and success. A well-managed and visible homepage for your store can help guide people towards your store and can also provide an online shopping experience to help directly drive additional sales.

Many modern shoppers will check online before heading in to a store to get an idea of pricing and stock levels, as well as to look for opening times and other similar information pertinent to visitors. On the other side of this same coin, the lack of an online presence can drive younger customers away.

A lot of businesses have moved to being online-only over the last few years, especially since the rise of Covid-19, showing how viable a great online storefront can be. This can be a great time to pack up and move online as a result, and The House Guys are buying in Alexandria, VA, too, making it easier than ever to convert to a digital business!

  • Rent

You and I aren’t the only people who are aware of how important location is. The price to lease or purchase a property is deeply entwined with the property’s location, and many things that might make a lot attractive to you will probably make it just as attractive to other hopeful buyers.

This is where it starts to get more difficult, as the perfect spot for your store might be completely out of your price range, potentially reducing your options and limiting you to finding the best property you can afford instead of finding the perfect spot for your shop.

Even though this guide is brief, you should have a decent idea now about why your store’s location matters so much and hopefully you have a few things to think about with your own store or business. Now get your scouting cap on and go explore some potential locations with your newly trained eye and make some money!

The Best Consumer Refinancing Loans in Norway

The Best Consumer Refinancing Loans in Norway

Before you get a refinancing loan you should be totally clear on all of the details that it will entail, as is the case with anything in your finances you should be definite that this is the choice you want to use and that you aren’t signing up for something without knowing the consequences. There are some great options in Norway that can seriously help you take back control over any debts and loans that you may already have, as a refinancing loan can be used to consolidate multiple loans while reducing the overall interest on what you owe.

Refinancing loans are one of the best ways to help make your life easier, instead of having to pay back multiple company debt you are given a clear and easy to manage payment plan that will cover all of your debt. This makes it a lot easier for you to eventually rid your life of debt as you only have a single monthly payment to keep on top of. After the last year and the general increase in worldwide financial trouble that so many are going through, this could be a good option for you that will take a lot of the stress away.

This article will be looking at some of the best refinancing loans as well as their interest rates which are very competitive right now, if you are looking to take back control over your finances then keep reading for some of the best available options.

best refinancing loans

Axo Finance

Axo Finance is a very popular and well-respected financial consultant company, they deal with many things including personal lending and advice on how to fill out applications with the best chances of success. This company has been noted by many for their professionalism and eager responses when giving out financial advice of this nature. This company also offers refinansiering opportunities to allow you to consolidate and get a better hold on your debts and repaying loans. A huge claim from this company that may be of interest to you if you are worried about your credit score is that they accept four out of five applicants, and in the case of a denial they will offer advice on other options.

Komplett Bank

Komplett Bank is another Norwegian banking company which has a lot to offer if you are looking for personal, or refinancing loans to improve your financial state and get rid of a lot of your worries. The great thing about this company is that they also offer a personal mobile app where you can access any details of loans you have taken with the company. This will help with organizing your finances and ensuring that you never miss a payment again. Komplett Bank is a trusted financial company that has been operating for many years now, they offer competitive interest rates and accept many of their applications regardless of credit, so it is worth applying no matter how much you expect to be declined.

Insta Bank

The final bank on this list that you should consider for all of your refinancing requirements would have to be Insta Bank, they are another very widely used financial company in Norway that you can find low interest refinancing loans very easily. They also offer a wide range of financial advice to ensure that you get back on the right track with your money, rather than offering a straight up denial when a loan cannot be processed they help individuals find the best available options, which is within their means in terms of the required repayments.

The 2021 Guide to Running a Used Car Lot

If you are opening a used car lot then there are a number of things to consider in order to make your new business venture a success, how you appeal to customers and present your business will have a direct effect on your revenue rates and how many customers see in your early weeks of opening. It is very important that you take the time to work out your business plan and make sure that all of your initial vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and checked before you start to make sales, as this will help to build your professional reputation to also increase the number of customers you get who are interested in spending their money with you.


Presentation is key to building your professional reputation and ensuring you are taken seriously when compared to rival companies. Presentation is important in your company premises as well as the vehicles you are trying to sell, you need to make sure that you are regularly cleaning and organizing your vehicles so that customers are not put off by seeing something that isn’t professional. This is a key factor to consider when running a used car lot as it will have a strong impact on whether or not your sales go ahead.

Putting Together Your Team

With any business the team you employ will affect how well your business is being run, you should consider your team in the planning stages of your business and hold interviews if necessary to give you a chance to get to know your employees before they start working. If you want to find hard workers then I would recommend that you don’t skip the interview process in order to avoid hiring somebody who is unprofessional or unqualified for the position. Especially within your sales team where experience selling products is desired, you should interview heavily for the position to ensure you have a quality team as soon as your business is open for trading.

Safety and Background Checking Your Vehicles

A very serious aspect of your used car lot that you need to keep on top of is ensuring that all of the necessary paperwork and background checks have been done on your vehicles, this really is fundamental in the world of selling used cars and will have a big impact on your company if you do not follow these regulations.

Using a VIN history check, which you can do at, you can very easily find vehicle specifications, accident history, manufacturing details, and criminal reports surrounding the vehicle to ensure you are only taking legitimate cars and not selling anything that isn’t above board. It is a big expectation from your customers that what they are considering buying is being sold in a legitimate way so you should avoid bringing any vehicles that haven’t been properly put through the necessary background checks.

Events and Special Offers

Another great way that you can boost your used car lot business would be to hold events and special offers to build up attention and increase the number of dales you make in a day, holding an event where you offer a small discount on your prices could be just what you need to get your company growing and attract more customers to make a purchase with you. Holding an event is also a great way to spread awareness of your company so that you can also increase your future custom and encourage people to think of you when they are in need of a used car. Using marketing materials to advertise you could bring in hundreds of customers who may have otherwise gone to another car lot.

An Easy Guide to Social Media For Small Businesses

An Easy Guide to Social Media For Small Businesses

Owning a small business can be incredibly difficult. More than fifty percent of small businesses fail within their first year, and if you want to break the statistic, you may be looking for ways to make your small business a success.

If you are a small business owner it is likely that you have set your business up online. This is because renting commercial space can be extremely expensive and can take a large chunk out of your profits. Setting up online gets rid of a lot of outgoing costs and makes operating a business much easier. However, owning a website requires you to put a lot more work into promoting your business. The best way that you can promote your online business is by opening up a social media account. Now, owning a business account is not the same as owning a personal account, and there is a lot that you need to know. Here is an easy guide to social media for small businesses.

Decide How Many Accounts to Make

With so many social media options available, you may be tempted to make an account on every platform. This is a great idea if you have a team dedicated to managing your social media, but as a small business, this is most likely not the case. Having a lot of social media to manage just means a lot of work for yourself. It is recommended that you start off with an account on two platforms, as this will be a lot easier to manage.

If you were to have quite a lot of social media accounts, then it is likely that some of your pages will become more inactive than others. If a customer was to look up your company and then come across one of your inactive social media accounts, then they believe that your company is no longer operating, which is not the best way to make profits.

Increase Your Followers

Arguably one of the most difficult parts of trying to run a successful social media page for your business is getting a following. Without followers, you are advertising to essentially nobody, which will not increase the growth of your business.

There are many ways that you can increase the number of followers that your page has and one of the most popular methods is buying followers. There used to be a stigma when it came to buying page followers, but this is no longer the case. In the current business climate, it is unusual to find a business that doesn’t Instagram Follower kaufen. People do not buy followers to make it appear like they have more customers than they do, which many people believe to be the case. Businesses instead buy followers to increase where they appear in social media search engines. With millions of social media accounts being made every year, it can be easy to become lost among the crowd, so increasing your search engine position can help with this.

Engage With Your Followers

A common mistake that a lot of small business owners make is not taking advantage of the engagement that comes with a social media account. In the past, if a customer had an enquiry about a product or service, they would have to call or email. Now all that they have to do is leave a comment or send you a message. By taking the time to reply to your comments and read your messages, you will be able to speak directly to your customers and deal with any problems that they may be having.

A customer always remembers when they have received good customer service and they are likely to come back to you if you reply quickly. Engaging with your customers will also benefit your business as it means that you will be able to easily see any feedback that you may receive from customers. When someone isn’t happy with a product or service, they do not go out of their way to hide this fact. Though these negative reviews can be difficult to read, they are actually extremely useful for your business. You can take these negative comments and apply them to the way you operate your company, which may lead to you being much more successful.

Keep Followers Up to Date

When you own a social media account for your business, it is expected that you post at least once a day. This will keep your pages active and also remind your follower base that your business is still running. If your page is constantly active, then you will take up more room on your customer’s main feed, which will mean that they will be more aware of your brand. If you have no company updates, why not posted a related meme or something that will lead to people clicking on your page?

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Base of Operations for Your Business

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Base of Operations for Your Business

If you are a business owner, one of the first big decisions that you have to face is whether your business will be an online business or an in-store business. There are a lot of pros and cons for each, but if you are someone that wants all the experience of owning a business, then we recommend opening an in-store business.

Owning an in-store business allows you to get a good idea of your inventory and build a brand. If you are someone that likes the idea of going to work, then owning a store would be a good option for you. However, you can’t just put a business anywhere and having a great base of operations can encourage your company to take off and gain success.

If you are someone that is in the process of setting up a business and you need a base of operations, then you may be in dire need of some advice. Picking a base of operations can be a difficult task and so here is a guide to picking a base of operations that is right for your business.


One of the most important parts of opening a business is the location. No matter how good your products are, if you are selling them from a poor location, then you will not make as much money as you would like to make. Say you rent a building in an area that is unclean or dangerous, people will not feel the need to come to your business and so you could suffer a lot of profit loss.

When real estate agents show you potential locations for your business, they won’t tell you all the faults and problems with the area. It is their job to try and sell the building to you and so you can’t really blame them. After all, if you were trying to sell a product, you wouldn’t point out all of its faults. For this reason, you should look online and gain the opinions of locals so that you know exactly what the area is like.

Make sure your building needs no repairs

A big mistake that a lot of people make when choosing a building for their business is not checking whether or not the building is of a high standard. There is nothing worse than setting up all of your products and then exposing them to potential damage due to the condition of your building. We recommend that you hire a building inspector to check over a building you are interested in before you decide to rent it. Doing this will allow you to gain an expert opinion and make any necessary repairs before more damage ensues. If you are in Perth, then you may be glad to know that there are plenty of building inspectors in Perth WA that will happily look over your building for a small fee.

Taking this extra step will protect your interests in the future and it may even stop you from making the mistake of purchasing a building that needs a lot of repairs.

Don’t rush into it

You have to remember just how important choosing a base of operations for your business is. Rushing into renting or buying a business out of excitement is a big mistake, as you could easily find a building that is better for your business later on if given the time to look properly. Rushing your decisions can lead to you having a lot of mistakes, so be sure to take your time to really figure things out.

Owning a Forklift: Everything you Need to Know

Over the last year, we have all come face to face with the reality that life is a lot less secure than we once thought. For some of us this means that we have aimed to remind our loved ones just how much we care for them and for others it means that we have decided not to hold back on purchasing the things that we really want, after all, what do we really have to lose?

Some of us have made some very questionable choices in terms of purchases in the last year and some of us have even gone as far as purchasing some heavy machinery. If you are someone that can relate to the latter purchase, then you may be in pursuit of some advice.

Studies show that a record amount of people have purchased Forklifts in the last few years and it is clear to see why. First of all, forklifts are really cool and I’m sure if you have walked past a building site at some point or another, you have most likely fantasized about taking one for a spin. Secondly, forklifts can actually be extremely affordable, especially if you choose to purchase one from a used forklift dealer. Owning a forklift may be fun, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Here is everything you need to know about owning a forklift.


Get a forklift license

Now in most countries, you don’t necessarily need a forklift license in order to be able to drive one. However, getting a forklift license will not just mean that you will be able to drive one in a professional capacity if you desire to, but it will also mean that you will receive all of the necessary forklift driving training.

Driving a forklift is not like driving a standard vehicle and there are a lot of buttons that you may not understand the use of. Instead of playing a guessing game, going to the effort of acquiring your very own forklift license will mean that you get a comprehensive breakdown of how your forklift works, along with advice on how to drive it. This will mean that you will feel much more comfortable using your purchase and it will lessen the risk of any accidents that may be caused by just allowing yourself to try and figure it out on your own.

Some people simply do not take naturally to driving a brand new vehicle and so to cut out any difficulty, there is absolutely no harm in taking the additional training and gaining your forklift license. Doing so may also open up employment opportunities for yourself in the future, as many employers look for people that have already received training on the use of the equipment.



Much like any vehicle that you may own, owning a forklift requires a lot of continuous maintenance. If not stored in the correct place, forklifts can be very susceptible to rust which could ruin the function of many of their features. You should gain a basic understanding of the minimal maintenance that your forklift will require. If you are someone that doesn’t really understand mechanics and vehicle repair, then you may find yourself struggling with keeping your forklift in the best shape. Instead of allowing your forklift to be neglected, simply arrange regular check-ins with a trained mechanic.

Forklifts are used quite frequently and for demanding jobs, which means that they are more susceptible to damage than your standard vehicle. Not ensuring that your forklift is well maintained is a health risk for anyone that may be using it, which is something that you will want to avoid at all costs. Getting regular check-ins with a trained mechanic will get rid of any guesswork and you will feel secure knowing that your forklift is in the best state possible.


Focus on safety

Even if you have bought yourself a forklift for a little lockdown fun, like any vehicle, forklifts are dangerous and for this reason, you have to make sure that you are following strict safety rules in order to ensure yourself and your loved ones are as safe as they possibly can be.

First of all, make sure that the keys for your forklift are always securely hidden, especially if you have children. Leaving your keys out for anyone to access may be tempting to any young children that you have and so they may feel as though they can have a turn driving it, which can put them at risk.

If you are someone that does have children, make sure that you let them know that the forklift isn’t just some big toy and there are consequences to misusing it. You should also remind yourself of this fact to ensure you don’t get carried away.